Rap beats and hip hop beats
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By: Gerrit Hirtenbach

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Music production is about production all about beats and instrumentals. I think that the best part of making beats is being able to play whatever melody you want. It's nice to be able to create music as well as just to listen. I further can express my feelings with different sounds that I use in my beats. Making rap beats helps me control my emotion when i'm in the bad mood and I can show my love by playing the piano for someone.I feel as a well educated person when i can play piano and I like it when someone tells me i have a sense of art. Teaching myself how to make beats allows me to record my own lyrics on my own beats and share it with my friends and gives me the freedom to become whoever I want to be through the medium of music. Also, as a producer being able to make my own beats means I do not have to depend on instrumentals or accompanists. I can do my own thing and change things I do not like about the original arrangement.
There are so many great things about being able to make my own beats. First of all, it allows the producer to communicate with its audience. It allows the producer to release all their emotion and it allows the musician to share their passion for music with others. For a musician it is very important to be able to play in front of an audience, and the piano is such a well loved instrument. The piano is also part of almost every band and ensemble. Pianists are very important people especially towards vocalists. As a vocalist, I find my piano background helps a lot when I learn my vocal pieces. The piano is an amazing instrument and I just love to play it when I play for myself and for others. I feel fortunate that I have the ability to play and respect any musicians and producers. You can really communicate a message towards anything based on how you play.


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